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Monday, November 2, 2009

wtf am i doing?

so i totally told amy and aaron i was tired and planned on going to bed early tonight. i wish that were true. but not really. i like staying up late. today was a good day. this week was a good week. this month a good month, and this year a good year. i guess i'm starting this blog (we'll see if i make it something substantial) because looking back on posts from my livejournal seemed like looking back on a past life. weird how that happens. and now i can follow my friends blogs easier, that should be fun. so i guess my life is pretty exciting right now. i met this really awesome girl amy. but you probably already know about that. i landed an internship in shelby, north carolina. i used to live there, it's a little town in rural north carolina not too far from charlotte. besides the fact that i'll be abandoning family, friends, and amy; i'm pretty excited to go. i will be working for the shelby star as a writer/reporter. the shelby star is a newspaper so i'll be getting acquainted with plenty of good southern folk doing this internship. i hope to gain a bit of an accent while i'm out there. anyway, i'm sure in future blog posts i'll tell you a lot more about this exciting development in my life. on a heavier note, i missed most of general conference because of work so tonight i started going through the talks starting with elder scott's talk. he talked about spiritually discerning truth and receiving personal revelation. this is something i really need to work on and i learned a lot from his talk on how to get the ball rolling. also, in case you missed it, manu ginobili is the man. during the spurs game last night, a bat was flying around the court. so, manu hit it out of mid air and picked it up and handed it to a guy on the sideline. i'd like to see ozzie osbourne try that on for size. also, the titans started vince young at qb today and it paid off. he looked great and the titans won their first game of the season! texas of course is looking great and should have no problem whatsoever reaching the playoffs. fantasy bball starts this week and i'm terribly excited. sean, luke, conley, and i are going to see the spurs beat the jazz this week so that will be fun. anyway, it's almost two and i should be going to sleep as i have class in the morning. well, kind of. if you count eleven thirty as the morning. i checked out my mid-term grades tonight and i was pleased. so yeah, i'll stop rambling on now. goodnight.

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  1. OMG! You lied to me and then admitted it over a blog?!!!?!
    We do have an Internet relationship! OMG!!!

    Just kidding.
    I love you.