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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i'm just a boy with a new hair cut

so i went to the cleveland community college today and got my hair cut. if time is money then i got ripped off because i was there for close to two hours!! it was only five dollars and they did a good job but isn't that a bit ridiculous? exciting news: tomorrow i will be interviewing one of the athletic trainers of the jacksonville jaguars who is from shelby. how cool is that?! i don't know what to ask him to make it a good interview but i'll try nonetheless. also, i don't want to piss anyone off but i watched my second wes anderson movie today and i don't get what's so cool about his work. the only thing i like so far is that he's made one of my favorite childhood books into a movie (which i haven't seen yet) and that he used "needle in the hay" in the royal tenenbaums. so if someone wants to fill me in i'd appreciate it.

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